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We make upgrading your home or business security easy. Book expert security and locksmith services in London at short notice, seven days a week. Make a convenient appointment - and count on getting work that's fully insured and guaranteed, no matter what it is you need.

Select from a wide range of services suitable for everything from getting a new lock fitted to installing a completely new door or CCTV system fitting. We do it all, with trained and qualified specialists in all areas able to complete all work without any additional fuss or hassle.

What You Get From Us

  • All of our specialists are trained and qualified professionals who are experts in their particular field
  • Guarantee cover comes with all of our services as standard and protects you for six months
  • Suitable doors, locking mechanisms and CCTV systems ideal for any commercial or domestic property
  • Flexible services which work the way you want them to - call and tell us what you need!

The Kind of Support That We Can Provide

There isn't a lot that we can't do for you when it comes to upgrading and repairing the security of your property. Our other clients have asked us to:

  • Fit a new door or a repair an existing one
  • Maintain a broken lock or fit a new one whenever you need one
  • Install CCTV maintenance for almost any property
  • Plan and fit intercom systems
  • Fit keyless locks and other electronic locking devices
  • Install security grilles
  • Function as emergency auto locksmiths
  • Come and help when they've become locked out of their property for any reason!

No matter what you need in terms of locksmith and security services in London, just call. We'll have an expert with the right sort of expertise and training to come and help you out - sometimes at very short notice indeed.

Your Appointment Options

  • Our phone lines are open and fully staffed around the clock, that's 24 hours out of every 24!
  • Get a clear price on the locksmithing and other services you want to be done
  • Seven-day services make it easy to choose an appointment time that's right for you
  • 30 minutes is all it takes to get a professional at your side
  • We can send one of our specialists to view your property and talk to us in person on request - and without commitment!

Your Security Experts and Locksmiths in London

The whole idea behind Lock My Home was to bring together a team of highly trained and qualified specialists who local people knew they'd get trustworthy and reliable service from. This is especially important considering the area of speciality we have - property security and maintenance.

Ask any questions that you might have about us or the experts we send to assist you whenever you reach out to us. You can tell us about the work you want to have done and get a quote without fee or obligation - we're always happy to take any enquiry at any time.

Locksmith Terminolgy

  • Action – The arrangements of live or latch bolts and their accessories in a lock or latch, and how they function.
  • Bathroom lock – A lock with a springbolt operable on both sides by furniture, and a deadbolt operable from the inside only, usually by thumb turn.
  • Barrel Bolt – The common kind of door bolt having a round shoot running in a long continuous guide or strap attached to the backplate, the shoot being provided with a knob or the equivalent for operation by hand.
  • Bush – A lining (usually brass) around the key – or follower – hole in a lock case, giving smoother working and longer life to the rotating parts. The keyhole bush is often milled so as to form wards on one or both sides of the inside of the lock case. See “Sashwards”
  • Collar – The shoulder on the shank of a rim, mortice or bitted key, controlling the point at which the key comes to rest after being fully inserted into the lock. The collar is the datum point from which the key is measured.
  • Double locking – A simple opposite turn of the key in the outside cylinder deadlocks both bolt and inside knob simultaneously. This gives protection against the bolt-forcing and the glass or wood panel breaking intruder.