Plan the Fitting of Access Control in London

30 min Response time

Getting any sort of access control fitted to your property in London is nice and simple with this service. We've been used by home and business owners across the local area to fit all kinds of systems - keyless clock, intercoms and layered access units of all kinds...

So whatever you need, give us a call. We can come over to your property and take a look in person - without obliging you to use our services afterwards. You'll get a free quote and we'll then offer you complete convenience in choosing an appointment time that meets the demands of your schedule. So that should be everything you need, sorted!

Why Do Local People Come To Us?

  • All appointments are stress-free and easy - our highly qualified team of experts makes sure of that
  • You know you get a full six-month quality guarantee as standard
  • Any of a vast range of access control systems can be installed on any type of building
  • All devices meet all current UK and industry standards in terms of quality

Choosing the Device That's Right For You

We're able to install devices made by any supplier or manufacturer on the market, though we always make sure that the device meets all industry and UK standards before we go ahead with the installation. We can fit systems that you've already ordered yourself or select the most suitable device based on what you tell us your building needs:

  • Intercom systems - both visual and audio
  • Keyless locks - systems which require cards, fobs, codes and thumbprints as well as other mechanisms
  • Layered access - so certain residents can only access the main door and their private door, for example

Set Up the Access Control Installation You Need in London Now

  • Book 24/7 - we'll have some standing by the phones at all hours, so you can call to set your service at any time
  • We can send someone to you in person to chat to you about your plans and to assess your building
  • Monday-Sunday appointment options make it easy to get your final fitting to go ahead at a convenient time
  • You'll know precisely how much - or little! - you're paying for your service thanks to your commitment-free quote

Access Control Fitting Specialists

You don't need a regular locksmith to install an access control system - in fact, you need a highly trained electrical engineer with an array of other skills depending on the precise system in question! Luckily, the Lock My Home team is made up of fully qualified and certified professionals who've installed hundreds of systems just like the one you're interested in before, and who know how to get perfect results every time.