High-Quality CCTV Fitting Services in London

30 min Response time

The CCTV fitting services we deliver in London are suitable for providing the coverage required by any home, office, public or industrial property. Capable of installing any kind of closed-circuit camera system which you might have in mind, the qualified professionals who conduct all of our installation work will be pleased to meet you onsite first to discuss your plans. Plus, all work is guaranteed and insured.

There's more than one reason why Lock My Home is used so often by local people who prioritise their security.

Why Choose Lock My Home?

  • Get your closed-circuit cameras installed by qualified, experienced and trusted specialists
  • Rest easy knowing that you're protected by a six-month guarantee and insurance cover
  • Make sure you get the CCTV system that's right for your property fitted thanks to an extensive range
  • Know that a dedicated Quality Assurance team check and test all installations

Getting the System That's Right For You

Installing CCTV on any property is a process which normally needs to be carefully considered.

  • Do you require a single or multi-camera set-up?
  • Do you need to cover all entranceways and access?
  • What level of fidelity should your camera provide?
  • Should it be able to link to your smart device?
  • Would a wired or wireless camera be more suitable?

To make sure you get the right answers to all of these questions and more, we provide an onsite consultation before your final fitting with no obligation whatsoever.

Get a Commitment-Free Consult

  • Get in touch with an expert 24/7 and tell them about the coverage you need
  • Set up an onsite consultation with a professional who can help and advise you on system selection
  • Get the convenience of a consultation and final installation any day that you need them
  • Never see any hidden charges added onto your bill at a later date! All quotes are all-inclusive

Your London CCTV Installation Team

Your local team is made up of the extensively qualified and experienced professionals who've installed CCTV systems across London for business owners, homeowners, landlords and concerned citizens of all kinds. Lock My Home DBS-verifies and vets all of our staff as a matter of course, and always makes sure they're properly trained and equipped for the task at hand.