Expert Assistance to Gain Entry in London

30 min Response time

A sudden gust of wind, a moment of inattention or simple theft. There are so many ways a lock out can happen, but one thing that's always the same. When you need to gain entry to your London property Lock My Home are here to help you out.

Opening Doors Without Breaking Locks

In the vast majority of cases this your technician will be able to get into your property without damaging your locks. The process of getting you back in runs something as follows:

  1. Your locksmith will arrive carrying a range of tools to resolve the problem
  2. They'll assess the lock, and release it in the most gentle way possible
  3. Once you're back in, the lock itself will be checked, if a fault in the mechanism caused the lock out this will be repaired
  4. If the lock can't be returned to a reliable condition you'll have the option of replacement
  5. If yourkeys have been lost or stolen your locksmith will cut replacements or change locks or barrels and issue new keys

All Sorts of Lock Outs Resolved

Use this service for any of the following, situations:

  • When your key breaks in your front door lock at home
  • If you're locked out of your office or shop
  • If you've lost keys or think they may have been stolen
  • If you're locked out of a car, a safe or something similar

Your Security Prioritised

Quality of service is always a priority and you're assured of that of course. All the usual things like qualified workers and guaranteed services apply. When it comes to gaining entry services there are a few extra points to note:

  • If you'd rather not wait right outside your property, just set up a more comfortable meeting point somewhere nearby
  • Your locksmith will arrive in a branded vehicle, will be wearing an instantly recognisable uniform and carries ID
  • You may be asked to show some documentation to demonstrate your right to access the property you're gaining entry to
  • Don'tworry if you're locked out of your home without ID however, you won't be refused a service!

Get Fast Help When You Need it Most

  • Our customer support line is staffed around the clock
  • You'll get an immediate quote
  • Locked out customers always receive top priority
  • The average response time to a request to gain entry in London is 30 minutes or less